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1-Sample Newsletters (2)

2-Self Help (15)

3-Financials (8)

4-Advertorials (6)

5-Sales Funnel Material (10)

6-Content Marketing (14)

7-Business Confidence Building (16)

8-Wealth Creation (3)

9-General (26)

10-Strategies for Building a Successful Company (23)

11-Entertainment (3)

12-Dentistry (3)

13- Recruitment & Immigration (1)

14- Website Developers (3)

15- Construction (2)

16- Accountancy (1)

17- Technology (1)

18- Email (2)


1-Sample Newsletters 


Newsletter volume 3-issue #1

Newsletter volume 4-issue #2



2-Self Help...

Spending Time Versus Investing Time

Earning Respect from Those Who Matter Most of All

The Cost of Prestige

I'm So Sorry to Inform You About Your Problem

In Your Struggle to Succeed be Aware of what Awaits You 

The Fear of Change and How You Will Conquer it

Would You Choose this Person for a Mentor and Coach

Failing is just part of the process

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Giving Opens Up the Door to Receiving

Ignite Your Passion for Superior Results

Waiting for a Miracle to Change Your Life

Making More Friends-the #1 Secret

Giving Others a Hand Up

Being The Best You Can



How to Turn Redundancy into Opportunity

Good Business Analysis

How to Become a Far Better Business Writer in Less than 7 Days

Using Borrowed Money to Service Your Cash Flow

Entamico Causes Adrenaline Rush at Movie World

Fed Loses its Nerve with Rate Hike 

Eagle Finance Stock Report-2 

Eagle Finance Stock Report-3 








X Pattern Advertorial-6


5-Sales Funnel Material...

Getting Back on Track with Your Business

Sales Funnels Made Simple

Why Wait for a Miracle to Happen, Create YOUR Own

Are you Leaving Money on the Table



Welcome Email

Sales Funnel

Masters Program



6-Content Marketing...

Clarity in Writing and Speech

How to Get inside Your Prospects Head

How to Write Awesome Sentences

This Action Tool Will make You Successful in 2016

What on Earth is a Copywriter and Who Needs One

Are Your Prospects Hard to Excite

Would You go to the Hairdresser to get a Tooth Filled

Professional Courtesy Where Has it Gone

Making Your Content Super Easy to Read

Life Changing 80-20 Principle

Killing Your Website Bounce Rate

How to Save Money on Advertising-9 FREE Ways to Attract Prospects

How to Convince Your Prospect Youre the Best Business to Deal with

How to Direct Her Easily to the After Sale


7-Business Confidence Building...

Breaking Down Client Barriers

How to Attract New Clients

Is Procrastination Killing Your Business

Being Prepared When Prospecting for Clients

How to be Happy During Your Work Day

Clarity in Writing and Speech will make You a Winner

Creating More Leisure Time-Guaranteed

Dancing on a Razor Edge Chilling Facts About Your Future

Have You Been Diagnosed with Failure

How to Improve YOUR Self Confidence

The Master Key to Life is Following Your Passion 

Building Great Rapport with a Thank You

Persistence and Focus Pays Off

Sell Yourself First

Forming a Formidable Sales Team

Picking Yourself Up and Bouncing Back




Quick Success for Struggling Copywriters: ...Who Lack Confidence and Experience -Kindle Edition 

Author-John Brewer

This book is written for struggling copywriters to get their writing skills and business off to a flying start. But this system can also work for any online business. It is packed with useful information to really boost your business even if you are shy or inexperienced.


8-Wealth Creation...

You Are Wealthy If

The Magic Bucket of Wealth

Repairing Your Wealth Bucket


Will Texting Become Our Universal Language 

Why Monday Mornings Rock

Is this Excited Lady the Boss or Employee 

The Smartphone is Only as Smart as its User

Is Social Media Destroying Our Freedom

Warning Showing Compassion Will Bounce Back 10 Fold

Visitor to Prospect in less than 10 seconds

Is LinkedIn Becoming a Hangout for Spammers and Facebook Fans?

Add Eleven Healthy Years to YOUR Life

A Teacher Named Entamio

You are Not Alone 

WOW! Great Products...But No Sales

Reading the Tea Leaves this Christmas

Hang on for the Ride of Your Life


World Class Copywriters Come Together

The Winning Package

An Engaging Lead Will Massively Increase Your Sales

Headlines that Guarantee Response in 3 Seconds

How to Get 75% More Emails Opened

Focus on Your Niche

Attracting Continuous Paying Work

Receiving Testimonials from Satisfied Clients is Easy

Who Moved My Cheese

Turning Web Traffic into Sales can be a Challenge for many Companies

Businesses Beware Traffic Scam Ahead


10-Strategies for Building a Successful Company...

Action Versus Positive Thinking

Winning the Conversation

When Employing Family Becomes a Nightmare

Engage Your Listeners with Awesome Presentations

You Must Do this Thing Better to Capture a Client

More on Charging Your Prospect

With This Attitude, it is no Wonder Businesses Are Falling Like Tenpins

Discover 11 FREE Tips to Highly Targeted LinkedIn Leads

Clarity in Writing and Speech =More Clients

The Best Times to Send Emails

How Do You Write Engaging Posts on LinkedIn

Forming a Formidable Sales Team

How to Build a Successful Business on Mars

Whoa Are You Leaving Money on the Table

Getting What You Pay for Formula

Companies that Make Work Fun are More Successful

Winning Your Client Back

Team Work...the Secret of Successful Companies 

The Brilliance of Sharing on LinkedIn

Why Every Business Will Benefit from a Good Copywriter

Writing Posts on LinkedIn is a Very Powerful Marketing Tool

20 Proven Ways to Super Charge Your Building Business for 2016

By Not Building an Email List You're Burning Money

Traffic Scam Exposed for Businesses



The BS About Your Attention Span

The Wisdom of Grumpy Old Men (GOM) in Business

Great Companies Give Back in this Worthy Event


12 - Dentistry...

Addressing the root canal issue

How To Correct Teeth Crowding

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Veneers


13- Recruitment & Immigration...

Understanding Professional Recruitment Services 


14- Website Developers...


Landing Page Video

Clarity and Simplicity


15- Construction


Saving valuable time


16- Accountancy

Dealing with Your Accountancy Issues


17- Technology

Is This Technology Poised to Boost Your BusinessI


18- Email




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