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I would like to show you how I can help your marketing results really take off

I specialize in helping small & medium sized businesses by writing engaging, professional LinkedIn posts, and optimizing their profiles, making them more visible online.

The following are just some of the services I provide. You can request an information package here.


Linkedin Posts-How they will get your Business in front of millions of Prospects for free or at a very low cost to you

Writing posts on your LinkedIn Profile is a brilliant way to get free or low-cost exposure for your business. LinkedIn is the home to over 400 million business profiles.

Plus, you have the potential to be seen as an expert in your field by contributing great useful content in the form of a post.Writing it yourself is a great start to your campaign but there are a few tips you need to be successful.

For a start, your post should not be all about you and your business. People hate to be sold to so you need a subject of interest for your target market. This could be in the way of a case study, news item or a useful tip.

A few guidelines will make your post stand out and be read...

  • An appropriate image goes a long way to grab attention. 
  • Short sentences should be written in everyday language.
  • Plenty of white space to make it easy to read.
  • Stay on topic and don't get sidetracked.
  • An inspiring quote goes down well.

For the most part, when you are happy with your post you then post to your followers and groups. Remember to also click on the Facebook tag and Twitter and use the @ feature.

As a result, after you audience reads your post they are often tempted to click on your profile then to your website.

By following these simple guidelines you are well on your way to drawing in plenty of new prospects. If you need help to put a post together contact me here .

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

To stand out from your competition, you need to optimize your profile on LinkedIn. The majority of profiles are not optimized for Google or LinkedIn search engines. By doing a few tweaks here and there you will start to get noticed.

 Key Message Copy Platform...

 A Key Message Copy Platform is a Master Document created by Casey Demchak. It contains all relevant marketing messages and statements about a product or service. By creating a Key Message Copy Platform, you assure that all of these marketing pieces will have a very consistent voice and message.

How the product works

To avoid confusion, your Key Message Copy Platform must have a consistent explanation of how your product works. If your customers read your website, e-blasts, brochure and social media posts and see four different descriptions of how your product works, you’re in trouble.

As a b2b and direct response copywriter, I can create this document for your product or service in a 10 -12-page document.  


I will redesign your web pages to make them more engaging and persuasive.  I will also write or suggest new content to keep your prospects on your page without them getting bored and going to another site. I also write a strong call to action to guide your prospect to clicking the buy button. This is what a direct response copywriter does.


The content on your pages needs to be search engine friendly. I like to weave a few keywords through the content on each page to attract the search engines. Too many keywords can chase them away whereas the right balance will attract them. Also, the content needs to stay on subject and be useful.

Source Code...

This is the 'behind the scenes' code that you do not see. I will write SEO friendly source code to please Google.

Call to action...

Just placing a 'buy now' button on your website is not as effective today. You need to lead your client to the sale with a strong call to action.


Your email is not much good if it does not get opened. I can produce a subject line that will get your prospect curious enough to open it. The lead and body of the email need to be interesting enough to keep your reader engaged. Then a strong call to action to direct her to your landing page.


The newsletter will need to be interesting enough to keep your reader focused enough to buy from you. Or if not this time maybe in the next newsletter or so. Your reader must be interested enough to keep opening each newsletter as they arrive.


"John is such a positive person to be around, you feel as though anything is possible. He has inspired me to start a career in writing.

As a beginner, I know John will support me to achieve my goals, to become a top writer."

-George Jones...Director of Gymnastics at The Southport School


My niche is LinkedIn content, b2b and direct response marketing. 

How can I help you to get more customers for your B2B or B2C business?

You can use this form to contact me with confidence about your copywriting needs. If you have an immediate project, you can request a free, no-obligation quotation and/or a free information package. 
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  "Your success is my success" -JB


"John is a nice easy going person to deal with and very professional with excellent skills in marketing. You can see he takes pride in his work and I would not hesitate to use him again or reccommend him. A gentleman." -Sandra


               Services I supply...

Free advice...a review of your website.

Copywriting-general engaging, compelling copywriting.

Webpages-write or re-write for more persuasive content.


Source code design.

A Strong call to action.

Emails that get opened.

Newsletters that get read.

White papers.

Key Message Copy Platform.

And anything else you need to get your business moving forwards.