Character references from some of my happy clients...


Picture“I met John recently and heard his passion for being the best copywriter possible and how he has used it effectively for clients and his own businesses.

He reviewed two of my fliers and the improvement is amazing and I am confident they will bring the results aimed for. He did this by listening to me talk about my business, philosophies, audience and goals.

Definitely recommend you talk to John if you are trying to improve your marketing collateral including websites..”

-Ross Keating

VP at MMIPM, Business Growth Strategies, Social Selling Strategies, Sales Management, CRM Strategies, Business Planning



“John made the clear distinction between website design, website functionality and his niche in copyright design, and how all three components contribute to website performance. As soon as he discussed these issues with us we realized that he could instantly add value to our website.The fact that John is savvy, straightforward and easy to work with, was just the bonus.” 

-G Sinclair

"John is such a positive person to be around, you feel as though anything is possible. He has inspired me to start a career in writing. As a beginner, I know John will support me to achieve my goals and become a top copywriter."

-George Jones...Director of gymnastics.



"John arrived on time. His workmanship is excellent! We are very impressed with his attention to detail and fast service. We are very happy with his work and would not hesitate to have his building services again."A+++  

 "Completely satisfied with work done"

"John was happy to consider a small job and work in with myself and my landlord. We are now getting John back for some other work we need done. He's now our 'go to' handyman when we need one." -GillianB



Article from Barefoot Writer...August 2016

Business Owner Turns Career Experience into Clever Self-Marketing Tactic...

John Brewer is the type of upbeat writer you want to be around and learn from.
Lucky for anyone new to the industry, he found a simple way to share his knowledge while building experience and attracting client leads. Find out how he does it and what secret fear he works to overcome as he reaches out to others.


How long have you been freelancing?

As a copywriter, 18 months now. What did you learn in your previous employment that has helped you in your writer’s life? As a builder in New Zealand, and then later in Australia, I learned about peoples’ needs and wants. I came to realize early in business that it is all about the customer. It’s all about what the client wants. People don’t really care about you; they just want to know how you can help them solve their problems. From the age of twenty, I had my own business as a builder. This has enabled me to handle the business side of my copywriting. And this is key: As a writer, you are running a business. You can be the best copywriter in the world, but if no one knows about you, how can you earn a decent income?
My previous business taught me how to market myself. I also wrote a flyer for my building business many years ago which was a huge success. I still meet people today who have kept this flyer, much to my amusement. I always asked my clients about themselves, their families, and interests, which built rapport. I use the same tactics with copywriting prospects and clients.


What drew you to B2B copywriting?

I enjoy LinkedIn for its business tips and information. Suddenly, I realized that here was where most businesses hang out. I just had to figure out how to use it to attract clients to my copywriting venture. So B2B was a natural choice.


What made you start promoting yourself on LinkedIn?

I had tried marketing myself through different ways, including many of AWAI’s suggested methods, yet nothing seemed to work for me. I kept being knocked down. But with sheer determination, I dragged myself back up and tried something different. I think this is where most people give up and quit. Then I had a brain wave. I woke up in the middle of the night with an amazing plan. I would write useful articles and post them on LinkedIn. If I wrote every day, it would improve my writing skills and also attract prospects for my copywriting business.


How has that helped you grow your business?

IT WORKED! My plan worked a treat. It took a while to get the wheels turning and to attract an audience, but it kept getting better. I started to get comments like: “Man, your articles are getting better“; “Love your stuff“; “Thanks for the useful information”; and best of all, “How much do you charge for an article like this?” The other best part is that the opportunity is unlimited. There are over 400 million potential business clients on LinkedIn.


You recently published an e-book, correct?

I wanted to share my methods with all those writers who lack experience and confidence. The book is a guide to how I run my business and how I teach myself to be a better writer. Also, how to attract prospects. People give copywriting a go for a while and then just give up for many reasons. Using my method, you can do everything at home on your computer without talking to or meeting people. My way is the best method I have seen, by far, for “earning while learning,” and anyone can do it with a bit of discipline and determination. This book is a quick read, yet has some valuable content and tips. I titled the book Quick Success for Struggling Copywriters… Who Lack Confidence and Experience. You can pick it up for peanuts here.


What’s one thing about you no one knows?

I am nervous dealing with people, and no one knows this but my wife. I put on a confident face, but underneath it all, I’m always worried about upsetting people because I am outspoken.


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PictureJohn has demonstrated that he is a specialist copywriter with many other business related skills eg. Project Management and Marketing skills. I can recommend John as a highly skilled Professional Copywriter who gives inspiration to others through his articles and work." 
-Dyan Bennett-Exquinox Consultant Services

Picture"John Brewer is a self-starter and possess extremely nice skills on web based marketing. I am sure you will get the best from him also. Great spirit."

 -Regards Asesh Datta-Center Director at ETechguys Software Training Institute

PictureI would recommend John if you need help updating your LinkedIn profile or need other copywriting services. Sometimes promoting yourself or looking at your own LinkedIn profile critically can be challenging, so finding someone to help you do that takes the pressure off and the objective opinion is more professional as well.
John is easy to work will, an excellent communicator and I would recommend his services if you need help with your LinkedIn profile or other marketing services
-Aaron Jay Lev- ♥ Author ♥ Book Creator

 PictureI would highly recommend John for all your copywriting jobs as he has great attention to detail and is easy to work with.”
- Alex Kuzmenko 


 "I was looking for someone to do the copy and marketing for my new website and that's how I met John. He explained to me how exactly what he was going to do in a very professional manner. He also pretty much redesigned my website to suit his marketing strategy. I was very impressed how professional everything was handled by John. I will not hesitate to recommend John to anyone because I believe people like him are very hard to find. Thank you for a job well done and keep up the good work."




"John is a nice easy going person to deal with and very professional with excellent skills in marketing. You can see he takes pride in his work and I would not hesitate to use him again or reccommend him. A gentleman." -Sandra


 "Very impressed"

 "A really top quality job for a reasonable price... John was punctual and communicated all aspects of what needed to be done, and when he had to spend a little extra time, was happy to remain
firm on his quoted price... Exceptional work"Lindsay
   "A true professional who takes pride in his work"
"John completed some renovations and interiors repairs for me. He took the time to listen to my ideas and came up with great solutions. The quality of work is 5 star. His attitude was professional, friendly, punctual. I would recommend John to anyone who needs a builder for home renovations." -ROSIE


"John looks after our repairs at our flat. He always arrives on time, is quick and does a great job every time. I would recommend him to everyone" -Sheena


 "Great service"
At last a tradie who came on time, was patient and fixed my problems. He went the extra mile to get the tools needed to complete my job. Thank you John  -JoJo

Credibility as a Tradesman

  "Reliable, Punctual, Meticulous, Trustworthy"

  "I am extremely happy with John's work. He did everything I asked for and more. He finished the job completely without anything left undone. I have been trying to get this job done for 2.5 years and that was just finding a Builder that would show up and give me a quote. I would have no hesitation in recommending John for any job around the home. He is marvellous". -Shazzamataz