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Social Selling is the modern way to attract more prospects to your business, and Linkedin is the best platform to achieve this result.

Your Linkedin profile needs to stand out from the competition to be noticed. SEO combined with engaging and compelling content, and a strong call to action is what you need to propel your business forwards.

Having a strong presence on Linkedin enables you to generate sales lead success by allowing you to find the right prospects easily and quickly.

Social Selling Guide to help your business generate more prospects

1st - Research Target Market; write down what businesses could need your services.

2nd - Invite; Use a personalized message to invite these people into your network.

3rd - Add Value; Thank them for joining your network.

4th - Build rapport; Ask them how their business is going.

5th - Sell; Show them how you can help them solve their problems

Getting started on Linkedin

When you join Linkedin you have access to over 500 million members on the world's largest professional


LinkedIn enables you to generate efficient sales lead generation success by allowing you to find the right prospects easily and quickly.

One of the cheapest marketing tools online is Linkedin.


Because it's free...

  • You can submit as many articles as you wish (with certain guidelines)
  • You can build your own client and sales funnel as fast as you like
  • The opportunity is virtually unlimited.

Therefore, having a strong presence on Linkedin is a must for your business, and setting this up is not hard.

In fact, by the time you have read this information and implemented even some of the suggested strategies, you will be well on your way to having your brand recognized, thus bringing more profits.

Furthermore, implement all the strategies, and you will be recognized as being a leader in your field and stand above your competition.

Setting up your Linkedin profile

If you haven't done so already, you need to set up your LinkedIn profile.

This is very simple to do. Just go here and follow the instructions.

Later, as a bonus, I will show you how to stand out from your competition.

Your profile needs to be professional

After all, when someone lands on your LinkedIn page, they want to be assured that they have come to the right person or business.

  • They need to know you are the professional to turn to, to help solve their wants and needs.
  • And see proof that you can do what you say, so testimonials and endorsements on your profile will rate it far higher.
  • They want to see samples of your work, so a link to your samples page will keep them engaged.

Also, when you have a following of 500 or more in your network it shows that you have put some effort into building your business.

Setting up a dynamic Linkedin profile:

Linkedin is continuously changing their interface and the way things look, so it is important to stay in touch with any new developments which may affect your profile and how it shows up on various devices.

Also, most profiles are now viewed with mobile devices (70% according to Linkedin at the time of writing), so it will pay you to check that your profile is compatible with these devices.

Tip: After you have set up your profile page, you then need to view it on mobile devices to make sure it looks ok and to your satisfaction.

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to get this correct.

There is nothing worse than landing on a poorly designed page and most readers will click away...never to return.

First things first

Tip: Before you set up your profile, just imagine you are looking for something specific online.

You land on a Linkedin profile and immediately you know you are in the right place.

What is it that you see that pleases you?

Now imagine you are looking for your product or services and create that profile.

You will not get your profile looking perfect when you first upload it but you will have plenty of opportunities to improve on it over the next few weeks or months.

The main thing is to get your profile online so your target audience knows you are open for business.

Optimized profile

You need to have an optimized profile so as prospects can find you.

It needs to be search engine friendly, because...

The LinkedIn and Google search engines work together so your profile needs to be keyword rich.

A huge advantage of having an optimized Linkedin profile is that it markets your business 24/7 with little or no cost to you.

If you have the time you can set up your complete profile yourself by following the instructions in this eBook.

If you are time poor, you can, at low cost, have a copywriter who specializes in Linkedin profiles set everything up for you.

Tip: To optimize your profile, you need to write it in a way that focusses on your target market.

Your profile should show your readers clearly how you can help them rather than how good you are.

Optimizing your profile for the search engines

Following are some tips to help you get found on Google and Linkedin.

➒ Header image or banner;

Tip: Search engines cannot see your image or banner so they look at the name of your image.

For example, your image is probably saved as JPG_1894 or IMG_2548 so you need to change it to one of your keywords or key phrases then save it as such before uploading to your Linkedin profile or website.

If you are a real estate agent for Fox Real Estate you could change the image name to "Fox Real Estate Properties" or whatever your keyword phrase may be.

➒ Your photo;

This is the same as for banner image.

➒ Other images;

All your image names should be keyword rich.

Keywords in your:

➒ Headline;

Your headline should include your main keyword phrase.

➒ Summary;

This should include your main keyword in the first sentence with a scattering of naturally placed keywords throughout your summary.

➒ Experience section;

Once again as for your summary description.

➒ Skills section;

This section needs to highlight your skills in order of importance and also using your keywords in order of importance.

➒ Posts;

Tip: It is a good idea to scatter keywords throughout your Linkedin posts, and the images in these posts.

The header image or banner at the top of your profile

The header image or banner at the top of your profile is the first thing your prospect will see, so it had better look good and send out the right message.

It is a good idea to embed your tagline in your header image as this is the first thing visitors to your page will see.

Tip: After setting up your banner (especially if it has script embedded), bring it up on your iPhone to make sure it looks ok.

The reason for this is, that at the time of writing, more than 70% of viewers now use their iPhone and other devices to view LinkedIn profiles.

I have found that if you put script over the top of your Linkedin photo (which is now in a circled frame), it will appear in a different place on your mobile phone.

You will have the same problem if you put script each side of your photo.

The best compatible method I have found is to have your script on one side only...then check it on your different devices.

Your photo

It is important to have a professional photo of yourself.

This is because most people like to see who they are dealing with.

It is not a good idea to have a photo of yourself on the beach or walking your dog.

Although in my opinion there may be some exceptions like if your business is all about beach products or dogs.

Also, it makes sense to have your smiling photo looking directly ahead (eye to eye contact).

Your headline

Your prospects eye will drop below your banner and now focus on your headline.

So, it had better be good...

  • It needs to engage your audience and compel them to act
  • It needs to tell your prospect if they have come to the right place
  • It needs to tell your prospect what is in it for them
  • And it needs to tell your prospect whether to read further

Do you see the value here? It tells them what they want to less than a minute...what I look like...what my specialty is...and how I can help them.

Furthermore, this is what the search engines notice and act on, so you will need your main keyword in here, in the headline.

Tip: If you take the time to prepare a professional profile, you will stand out from your competition.

Contact and Personal Info

This is the section on the right-hand side of your headline and photo and needs to be clicked on to find the information.

It amazes me, how many of these "contact info" tags I click on and there is little or nothing there!

Tip: This is a great place to give your prospect all the info he needs to find you.

For example, ...

➒ Your email address

➒ Phone numbers

➒ Website addresses

➒ Company website

➒ Twitter address

➒ Facebook and any other social media your prospect needs.

And after your website address, you can include another short tagline promoting your business.

Tip: Change the default settings to your own keyword rich titles.

For example; the default will be "company website" which you can change to "Fox Real Estate Properties" or whatever your keyword phrase may be.

Your prospects will see all of this before they even scroll down to your "Summary" tag.

As I mentioned before, at this stage they already know what you look like, what you do, how you can help them, and now all your contact details.

But here's the thing, most profiles I go to don't supply all this information, and it is very frustrating and unprofessional.

So, by providing all this information on your profile, you will really stand out from the crowd.

Every one of these small steps will give you more credibility, give you more visibility, and free advertising.

And this brings us to the next important marketing tool...

Your Linkedin profile address or URL

This is the link people will click on to view your profile.

This is another great marketing tool and is another opportunity for you to market yourself or service.

Linkedin allows you to enhance your personal brand by creating a custom URL for your LinkedIn public profile.

For example, when you click on- Edit your public profile you will see- Edit public profile URL... -52576265/

(The red bit it the part you can change)

Edit Profile

Tip: Enhance your personal brand by creating a custom URL for your LinkedIn public profile.

To do this you click on the pencil beside your URL and you can then customize the last section like I have done below.

Your Linkedin summary

The next area to address is the summary area.

It is here that most profiles you look at will tell you all about the person, what they do, and how good they are.

Now, this is all very well, but you are really going to their profile page, to see how they can help you.

So, wouldn't it make sense to show your viewer what you can do for them and display this on your summary?

I would suggest making your summary all about them, your viewers...your prospects.

Show them how you can be of benefit to them.

Look, you don't have to be perfect, just keep improving your marketing and writing as you go.

Tip: Your LinkedIn profile is the place to highlight your skills.

As your skills improve, so your profile will read better.

And as your profile improves it will attract more prospects to contact you for your services.

In addition, your summary on the new interface only shows the viewer (if they are signed in) the first two lines of text.

If you want your prospect to click "See more", then these two lines need to be good.

Tip: The first two lines of your summary should tickle your prospects curiosity button...compelling them to read further.


When someone looks at your profile (and they are not signed in) they will see all your summary and your other sections but not your top banner.

Experience section

List your work history including any contracts or internships.

People today are in a hurry, so even if you have followed along and done everything previously mentioned in this article, many viewers will just scroll down without opening your summary.

Your prospects eye will now fall on the next section which is "Experience".

So, you need to start with a sentence that grabs their attention...

You do not want your resume displayed here because you only have about 7 seconds to catch and hold their attention so your message better be good.

The experience section is in full view, so it is just as important to engage your reader (as in previous sections), telling them how you can make their life better... what you can do for them, and why you are the best fit for them.

You can briefly tell them your experience here but it still needs to show benefits for them and have a strong call to action.

Tip: If you want to show your experience you can create another section further down your profile to showcase it.

Creating further sections

Linkedin allows you to create many more sections to showcase whatever you think may be important for your prospects to know.

You can be very creative here, but the main thing is a compelling headline that teases your reader to open it up to view.

Education: Get 11x more profile views by adding your school.

Volunteer experience: Highlight your passions and how you like to give back.

Skills: Highlight your strengths as a professional. This is a great area to list your many skills under different headings.

Accomplishments: under accomplishments, there are many more headings as follows and you can display...

Publications; List your published work and be found 7x more.

Certifications; Members with a certification get 5x more profile views.

Courses; List coursework from your prior or continuing education.

Projects; Add compelling projects to demonstrate your experience.

Honors & Awards; Feature the recognition you've earned.

Patents; Highlight your innovation and expertise.

Test Scores; If you excelled in an exam, you can list your score here.

Languages; Show how you can be a fit for a job or overseas opportunity.

Organizations; Show your involvement with communities that are important to you.


If you can supply genuine proof in the way of testimonials, recommendations, and endorsements, you will be well on the way to attracting prospects, and turning them into "hot leads".

It is ok to ask your followers to endorse you.

And when you have a happy client they will often endorse or recommend you, but if not...ask.

Tip: By adding a strong call to action throughout your profile, your success is virtually guaranteed.


It is great to receive endorsements from your connections.

Further down your profile, there is a section for endorsements.

Tip: You may have up to 50 endorsement headings on your profile.

You can create all or some of these headings yourself.

From time to time, one of your connections will give you an endorsement or two and they may or may not come under one of your headings.

Keeping in mind you can only have 50 headings, you may wish to overwrite a heading not being used with your new heading.

When one of your connections endorse you for a skill, it is a good idea to return the favor. Now the trick here is not to go overboard and endorse them for everything.

Tip: When you send out an invitation to connect and they do, you can follow up with an endorsement or two if you feel comfortable with the idea.

Picking up recommendations/testimonials from happy clients


How do you do this?

First, you need to produce really good content, service, and or product.

Tip: Ask your client if they are happy with this copy, and depending on their reply, ask if you can get a written testimonial from them.

This is very valuable. You will be able to use this testimonial on your website, LinkedIn profile, social media sites and other documents such as your resume.


This is where a Linkedin member following you will send Linkedin a recommendation about you and Linkedin will place it on your profile.

Tip: Both testimonials and recommendations are very powerful tools to have to improve your credibility.

Do something every day

Every week, have a look at your profile and see if you can improve it.

Quite often, when you look at your profile, you will notice some way to improve it.

It may be your top banner.


Your headline.


You may wish to add another section or perhaps a video.

It may be you read or heard something, or maybe it's just because you are getting better...more professional.

Your followers will notice your updates and may tell others who are looking for your services.

To get your business noticed on LinkedIn:

  • Post great content.
  • Post regularly.
  • Don't spam people.
  • Show a genuine interest in your fellow man or woman.
  • Join groups of interest and like, comment and contribute useful information.
  • If you want better results you need an expert write it for you.

For in-depth information on Social Selling go here...

OR... Advanced Marketing Methods go here...

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Who are you calling?

Make sure you are talking to the right person (manager, head of advertising, or the person who makes the decisions).

Why are you calling?
Be very clear about why you are calling.

What are you going to say? Make a few notes about what you will say, and this will stop you winging it and making mistakes.

What is your offer to them?
Be very clear with your message on what you are offering them.

Why would they want your products/services?
What is it about your product that is better than the competitions?

What if when I call, I get their voicemail? Fine, leave them a clear, brief message of why you called. You are a warm contact, so your return response rate will be good. Let them know you will call back, or get back them to message you a good time to call. If you follow the above system, you will find that Linkedin is a great free marketing and is the only marketing tool I use.

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    Please contact me for all your web marketing content HERE. Also, you can request a free information package.

    I am a Content Marketing Copywriter for all Your LinkedIn Marketing to Deliver Compelling, Engaging Copy.

  • John Brewer...Business-to-Business Copywriter. Specialist Post Writer on LinkedIn.

    Want more clients or customers? Then you need to contact me HERE now. Also, you can request a free information package.

    I am a Content Marketing Copywriter for all Your LinkedIn Marketing to Deliver Compelling, Engaging Copy.

  • John Brewer...Specialist Post Writer on LinkedIn.

    Please contact me for all your web marketing content HERE now. Also, you can request a free information package.

    I am a Content Marketing Copywriter for all Your LinkedIn Marketing to Deliver Compelling, Engaging Copy.